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Do you have an increasing tax debt to the IRS? Some taxpayers search online for a local IRS garnishment lawyer to help them when this happens. Unfortunately, sometimes a tax attorney’s help with the IRS may not be your best option. There is a more affordable answer that may just suit you better: A professional tax company with a staff of experienced Tax Practitioners, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. They can help you through the difficult procedures while providing the kind of quality service that you would expect from an IRS garnishment lawyer.

Tax experts can help a taxpayer to avoid collection efforts by the IRS. The agency has many tools to recover back taxes including liens and levies that can be placed on assets in order to secure payment from an individual. The resolutions that our tax analysts can help taxpayers come up with are thoroughly explained. Even though our offices may not be based in your area, we have helped many in your city as well as in much of America. Please examine your options before choosing a garnishment lawyer for IRS help.

As long as a taxpayer is actively repaying their debt, the IRS may not be forced to use more aggressive methods such a lien. A lien is a hold on assets placed by the government to ensure payment of back taxes. Taking care to contact a tax debt negotiator or an IRS tax attorney can help to prevent the lien from becoming a levy. A levy is where the assets are seized or sold and applied to the debt.

Liens and levies are not removed until the full amount of the debt is repaid or until some agreement has been established. Taxpayers have some choices in repaying their debts such as small payments over a 60 month period. That is called an Installment Agreement. Qualifying for this agreement and other available options can be done by consulting a case processor from a tax company or a tax attorney. The IRS has various settlement plans and requires financial documentation from taxpayers to prove that they are eligible. Our tax experts can recommend the plan that most benefits your situation by examining those documents.

There are times when some individuals are unable to satisfy their debts no matter how much time they are given. The options for those taxpayers include an Offer in Compromise and Currently-Non-Collectible status. The first program permits a taxpayer to offer a lump sum or sums, smaller than their current balance, over a short period of time to completely pay off their debt. The second plan completely releases the individual from their debt if their monthly income is less than their monthly expenses. When qualifying an individual for either of these programs, an IRS tax expert or a garnishment lawyer must adhere to strict guidelines set up by the agency. An investigation of financial documents must be conducted in order to determine eligibility.

It’s evident that all options are available to a professional tax expert as well as to an IRS garnishment lawyer. It is important to note that only an attorney is able to help and explain legal rights. It’s not required to have an attorney present in order to open negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service, but it may be necessary for some cases. Our company is not a law firm or attorneys, but we employ an experienced staff of Tax Professionals, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents. We are ready to answer your tax questions or to help you decide whether or not you need an attorney.

We offer help with tax debt, tax preparation and penalty abatement among other tax issues. It’s important to act quickly so as not to aggravate the situation. Call a tax professional before you decide to hire an IRS tax attorney. Our tax experts can give you a free consultation and help you explore your options. Call today!

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